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ISO 13485 is a voluntary mechanism that sets out legal guidance for manufacturers of medical devices. It gives companies a way to meet their customer and regulatory requirements. In general, the international standard for fulfilling the standards of medical instruments is accepted worldwide. IQC The ISO Pros in Imperial Beach, California (CA) is here to assist you with training and certification.

The key goal is to provide the global market with a harmonized model for Quality Management System specifications since various countries have different standards. While it remains a different form, ISO 13485 is harmonized with ISO 9001 in operation.

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This requires criteria for some basic medical instruments, including an emphasis on:

  • Developing and understanding compliance standards as a management liability.
  • Controls the work climate to ensure the safety of the employees.
  • Reflect on risk control approaches during product development, and concept transition practices.
  • Unique safety and traceability standards of implantable products
  • Clear recording criteria and validation of sterile medical devices by the process.
  • Clear recommendations to test the effectiveness of change and mitigation initiatives.

ISO 13485 Compliance is often seen as the first step towards fulfilling the legal criteria of the European Union, as well.

We have no preconceived notions on how you can adapt quality assurance to your company by this certification. It is your organization and you determine how to best achieve the appropriate success standards. Our job is to determine if, regardless of how you have achieved it, the management framework meets the acceptable level!

A brief history

Careful commitment to quality assurance standards is critical for patient safety at all stages of the manufacturing chain. In 1938, the US adopted the Food, Substance, and Cosmetic Act, which was developed in an attempt to safeguard the public from harmful goods. These cGMPs are routinely reviewed, and production and processing procedures are developed to maintain good quality goods. First released in 1987, ISO 9001 is separate from cGMP and has since been updated several times. This is not focused on the business itself, nor the standards of corporate governance. By facing the growing challenges companies face at their center and continuously seeking improvement, encourages product quality management.

Around a decade later, in 1996, ISO 13485 was issued. Using ISO 9001 as a standard, standards for medical equipment from around the world relating to the components and items used in a completed unit are included in the general framework. It was updated several times since its publication, but the certification requirements remain the same. To qualify for ISO 13485, an agency must demonstrate successful implementation and management of the approved programs. Like IQC The ISO Pros, a third-party assessor ensures compliance with the criteria and provides you with a stamp of approval.

How distinct is ISO 13485 from ISO 9001?

Do you need to introduce either of them or both? Luckily, you only need to enforce ISO 13485:2016 if you are seeking to manufacture and market medical equipment. Suppliers of medical devices must either earn a certification from a notified entity or provide a safety scheme in operation to secure a certificate indicating compliance with the health standards for products marketed.

ISO 13485 is a standard specification for the medical device industry, although it also contains ISO 9001 with several additional requirements. Nonetheless, what all surgical instrument manufacturers seem to recognize is that it is a respectable task to balance ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. By acknowledging the differences in these two parameters, you will see that device suppliers need to raise the bar on quality.

The extent of certain consistency criteria is the main difference for medical devices between ISO 13485 and ISO 9001. ISO 9001 is a standard that sets forth the quality management system specifications that may apply to any organization, irrespective of the company’s industry, product or service, or scale.

ISO 13485 is a management framework specifically designed for medical product production. This places greater emphasis on the regulatory compliance of the company, which provides little stability in the corporate phase.

“ISO 13485 applies to ISO 9001 standards by expressly addressing the duty of the producer to “maintain the quality of the QMS.” Additional forms in which ISO 9001 is applied by ISO 13485 relate to documentation and record management.

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Training is also provided by IQC The ISO Pros.

This training provides you with an overview of the purpose and requirements of the revised ISO 13485:2016 standard for medical product Quality Management Systems. During this training, we will send you an introduction to the latest standard with a description of its specifics and ISO 13485:2016 requirements. Our coaches will help you understand the intent of the new, expanded principles for the management framework, and learn how to better incorporate the organization’s quality control principles.

This training is taught by qualified experts and is targeted at those interested in the development or coordination of a Quality Management System (QMS) for medical devices. It is made up of both seminars and laboratory experiments.

Why it’s ideal to get certified QMS software

Our QMS gives all the benefits ISO 13485:2016 provides:

You will demonstrate the trustworthiness of your customers and clients in doing business with you with QMS applications for ISO 13485 Medical Devices incorporated in your business. In certain nations, a good ISO 13485 QMS is a great selling opportunity since it has become a must for medical equipment manufacturers to show conformity to regulations. It allows you to pursue further prospects.

A QMS under ISO 13485 provides for evidence-based decision-making. You then use the facts and data to create informed decisions that would usually match the business objectives. It is not always going to be correct what your intuition tells you; sometimes it will put you in deep trouble. The added value here is an insight into your company's wellbeing so you can monitor the improvements you may make and their impact.

The vertical medical device industry is heavily regulated, as you know. For the medical device industry, the ISO 13485 QMS must comply with regulatory standards that require manufacturers to develop and produce safe and suitable medical devices for their intended use.

The ISO 13485 standard has been designed to help medical product manufacturers build and enforce quality management programs that meet and surpass regulatory requirements. ISO 13485 comes from the ISO 9000 family of standards established by the International Organization for Standardization ( ISO).

IQC The ISO Pros are here to help you get certified

Third-party analysis of a company’s QMS involves external and internal verification of customer device examination, appraisal, and enforcement, including confidence-building to fulfill applicable regulatory requirements. Once this standard is adopted, this standard is structured to strive towards continuous product production and good consistency, and time and cost savings.

Organizations engaged in one and even more stages of the life cycle of a device, including the design and production contributing to the manufacturing, storage/distribution, delivery, or service of medical equipment, benefit from the quality management skills of our professional personnel. We support transparency and continuity as a trustworthy partner in the complete audit process.

Although IQC The ISO Pros in Imperial Beach, California (CA) strives to establish a safer climate, ISO 13485 facilitates the reduction of unintended dangers and increases the management of those hazards to meet the organization’s optimum objectives. This enhancement not only enhances the company’s reputation in the opinion of its customers but also offers a practical and successful way to show compliance with regulatory requirements.

Ongoing upgrades

To be efficiently effective over a long period, the QMS must continuously expand. Processes that determine the probability of process or product consistency are practiced by organizations in many sectors. Through risk management, before a failure or non-conformity occurs, an organization can recognize rewards for improvement. Currently, several companies analyze risks from emerging threats to identify strategies to mitigate threats.

The firm would therefore ensure that any legal or legislative standards that could be relevant to its organization, goods, practices, or compliance with the law are well interpreted. The establishment of the QMS will incorporate proposals to meet regulatory requirements and counter risks and opportunities. Companies must consciously identify threats and acknowledge growth prospects that must assist the QMS in meeting its expected goals and targets to make continued improvements effectively. The implementation of the QMS would be done by the constructive identification of potential nonconformities, the adoption of effective preventive and corrective steps, and the development by the organization of a culture of quality assurance.

Successful execution, governance, reporting, and creation of a QMS require dedicated personnel and continuing organizational leadership support. The usage of outside consultants, such as IQC The ISO Pros in Imperial Beach, California (CA), would often include testing the quality and accuracy of the QMS. Please contact one of the experts at IQC The ISO Pros if your company wants additional assistance or would like more guidance on the adoption of ISO 13485:2016.

Why do you have to be certified?

Companies with ISO 13485 certification show a responsibility to quality in today’s competitive marketplace for both customers and regulators, whether operating internationally or growing locally. It provides more customers around the world with greater visibility. Provides a quality development system for how to measure operations in the organization. And it would maximize efficiency, lower prices, and enhance supply chain quality.

In 2016, ISO 13485 was amended to resolve general concerns, to address the need for continuity across the system, and to serve as a harmonized QMS model to be implemented by national and regulatory bodies. ISO 13485:2016 has enhanced focus on product delivery planning, “competence” training, technological convergence of QMS, harmonization through the legislation of other countries, etc., and integrates “risk” across QMS through stock control, change management, and risk-based product life cycles decision-making.

ISO 13485:2016 is the current standard for surgical instrument quality schemes. Now is the time to initiate the method if you have not begun the gap analysis. It is essential for medical device manufacturers and their suppliers to start implementing the specifications of the updated ISO 13485:2016 since the allotted three-year changeover period would not provide these organizations with adequate transition time. As a solution, IQC The ISO Pros in Imperial, California (CA) will help the organization effectively plan, track and boost overall quality management.

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ISO 13485:2016 Certification and compliance would be the economic differentiator for the organization.

Having certified to the de-facto industry standard will boost the likelihood of the company to move through the supplier appraisal and re-evaluation cycles of the customer to the prospects and customers.

ISO 13485:2016 Certification will enable the company to adhere to the Integrated Medical Devices Evaluation Program (MDSAP). Through fewer audits in the medium run, as the company has met the originally expanded audit reach, the advantages would be evident. Now that the three-year change to the EU Medical Drug Regulations (MDR) has begun in Europe, it is important to anyone who operates in that field. Both are attached to ISO 13485:2016 and MDR inextricably.

Understanding how ISO could benefit your company

Patient safety, increased product credibility, and efficiency are the key factors for sustaining ISO 13485:2016 compliance. These are the drivers behind the standard, above all else. In comparison, this ensures fewer refunds on goods, reduced warranty rates, as well as better customer loyalty. These possibilities then increase sales and enhance revenue (profitability), which lowers output prices, thus reducing the cost of consumer products (COGS). Give us a call, at IQC The ISO Pros in Imperial Beach, California (CA) today so we can assist you with your certification needs.

Compliance with ISO 13485 standards ensures performance, safety, and reliability, under FDA 21 CFR Portion 820 and CFR Section 210/211, in the design and manufacture of medical devices and appliances. The standard for doing business is ISO 13485 for certain nations.

From 1 March 2016, ISO 13485 has been revised and written. The transition to the latest revision of this standard has occurred over three years culminating on March 1, 2019. This ensured that all ISO 13485:2003 certified organizations would be required to execute an updated audit by that period following their normal audit duration (recertification or oversight). As the audits for 2021 and 2022 are planned by IQC The ISO Pros in Imperial Beach, California (CA), we will inquire about the preparation and scheduling of the previous update.

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FAQ: The solution to queries that are often posed

Oh, no. Only an ISO 13485 certification is required to demonstrate that the regulatory criteria are fulfilled when you need a licensed QMS application.

A QMS may be certified only by such entities as ours. They would need to get accreditation with "Annex Certificates". As more than a confirmation agency, make sure to pick IQC The ISO Pros, who will 'only' validate compliance with ISO 13485. Lists of notified 'accredited' entities such as the German ZLG are being issued by both the European Union and other national authorities.

It usually takes 6 to 9 months, respectively, between project implementation and audit acceptance. A matter of importance is the involvement of knowledgeable individuals in the organization. All small and medium-sized companies have thirty to fifty days to spend on an individual basis. However, working with a Quality Management System needs constant attempts to audit, upgrade and re-certify all procedures and the system.

IQC The ISO Pros specializes in Quality Management System audit growth, enhancement, and preparation. We are all specialists of hundreds of audits conducted successfully.

Get certified in just 5 phases with ISO 13485!

Contact and discuss the specifications with us

We’ll do your organization’s ISO 13485 gap analysis and give you a quote.

Documentation and guidance

If you are satisfied with our quote, our team will provide you with the necessary training and complete the appropriate ISO 13485 certification documentation study.

Implementation and a Summary

To ensure that the company follows the certification criteria you would like, we will then perform a pre-evaluation audit.

Final audit by a certification authority

We will be providing support during the final compliance period to ensure that the organization achieves compliance successfully.

Receive certification

We are a quality-aware enterprise and invest in absolute customer satisfaction. We know that you would be 100% pleased with our service and look forward to assisting you with your certification.

Get certified according to ISO 13485 today

By specifying standards and criteria, which ensures quality consistency, providing an ISO-certified entity enhances procedures. It can become a consistent framework that is searched for in the medical device sector as companies are educated on the benefits of ISO 13485.

Our ISO processes ensure that complex tasks are performed and registered for each project, such as defining requirements, conducting design tests, risk assessments, budgeting, scheduling, concept testing protocols, and more. We are helping you to build a very detailed system for management. ISO procedures enable you, at a reduced cost, to perform improved project management for your customers. We will guarantee that the materials you manufacture meet regulatory requirements, and you will be able to provide quality management protocols for your customers. Call IQC The ISO Pros in Imperial Beach, California (CA) today for a free quote.